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Why bother using a coach? Here are five things to consider….

Having worked as a leadership coach and facilitator for many years now, I am repeatedly asked the question “why use a coach?”.  While the political answer is “it depends on the circumstances,” it is critical to remember that people only ever coaches when they want to change something or address a specific challenge(s). These challenges […]

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Unlocking your full potential: 6 actions to develop your Emotional Intelligence

“I ain’t lookin’ for praise or pity,I ain’t comin’ ’round searchin’ for a crutch,I just want someone to talk to,And a little of that human touch,Just a little of that human touch.”      Human Touch, Bruce Springsteen, 1992 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is often considered the secret ingredient for success both in personal and professional […]

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5 Tools to Build or Maintain Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a fundamental aspect of our mental and emotional well-being. It shapes our self-worth, our self-confidence, and how we perceive ourselves. Maintaining a healthy level of self-esteem is essential for leading a fulfilling life. As a coach, I regularly engage with clients, across all sectors and levels therein, who are challenged by a poor […]

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Six lessons from the Coach’s chair.

Having worked in the leadership coaching space for several years, the following six lessons are my learnings from the people with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working – Build Resilience: Life is filled with challenges, setbacks, and unexpected events. Developing resilience allows you to bounce back from difficulties, learn from them, and grow stronger. […]

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The leader communicates with the team and gives instructions

7 Steps to Develop a Culture of Trust

In Ireland, the media is currently engrossed in a controversial corporate governance breach of trust case between the national broadcaster (RTE) and the published payments to one of its top “talents”. At the heart of this case is a loss of trust between the institution (RTE) and the public and the culture that was allowed […]

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5 ideas to develop your resilience skills

Resilience derives from the Latin word resilio, which means to “jump back”. Interestingly, while working in the field of coaching, I have repeatedly seen that the most resilient individuals and teams are not the ones that do not fail, but rather the ones that fail, learn the mistakes from each setback, and thrive because of […]

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Father with child on his shoulders

Ambiguity is the enemy of accountability

Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship whether personal or professional. Developing it takes time and this time is usually underpinned by actions that demonstrate that trust. Unfortunately, that invested time and that trust can often be destroyed by an unintentional act. Once committed, there is seldom any going back from that act. While relationships […]

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Change just one bad habit

As we set out on the journey of 2023 many of use will be setting some goals for the year ahead. For most, this annual ritual of setting goals will have ended by mid-January. Without the instant overnight success that many now expect, people will revert to old embedded habits and go back to doing […]

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Leadership businessman

Successful people always set development goals….

Development Goals… I recently worked with a client, who shared with me the fact that he’d missed a senior promotional opportunity. In spite of being highly qualified and experienced, when asked at the interview what he’d done in the past two years to develop himself, he struggled. He spoke about consolidating and building on his […]

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