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How the goal setting process works

Goal setting…. Goal setting is the most powerful process available to improve your performance or that of your team. It establishes a relationship between where you are and where you want to take yourself. It gives you direction, focus, clarity, motivation, a means of measuring progress and stimulation and a visualisation stimulus. Done properly, it […]

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Developing a Positive Self-Image

People can often read your self-image…. Imagine for a moment that you walk into a room full of people you’re about to meet for the first time. Now image there’s an I-phone on your forehead displaying a mental picture of how you feel about yourself as you walk into that room. If you’re feeling confident […]

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The influence of conditioning

Why settle for second best? We live in a world of unlimited opportunities. Each and every one of us has a set of talents and abilities, many of which we have yet to use. This being the case, why do so many of us settle for average, mediocrity, second best when, with a little more […]

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