Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching

I will ensure you are not alone on your journey

Leadership Coaching

As a leader in any organisation, your working life can often be challenging and isolated. You feel you need to have all the answers.

As a newly promoted leader, you can sometimes feel a sense of being overwhelmed, perhaps suffering from imposter syndrome.

Would it help if you could confidentially share these challenges with an experienced leadership coach?

I will help you to define your authentic leadership philosophy

Working with me, you will have the opportunity to enhance your leadership approach through confidential one-to-one time. We will define your authentic leadership philosophy, work through your professional challenges and establish focus and purpose in other aspects of your life.

I will ensure you are not alone on your journey

Where appropriate, I will address typical leadership struggles like “imposter syndrome”, team conflict and other organisational issues. Together we will review your vision, mission and values. I will provide you with a confidential, collaborative relationship that assures you are not alone in your personal evolution or growth as a leader.

We’ll work on developing your leadership toolkit around skills like listening, empowering, showing appreciation, resilience and communications.

I will act as a confidential sounding board

We will look beyond the workplace and ensure you take care of the important things in your life such as your health, your relationships and you continued professional development as a leader. This holistic development is key to your career advancement. I will act as a confidential sounding board where you can share your concerns and plan for the future.

If you are an experienced or new leader who is struggling or feeling challenged, be it with a professional or personal issue, why don’t you make contact and we can set up a call?

I can help you put things into perspective and plan a way forward.