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Since 2015, I’ve had the privilege of working with numerous leaders across diverse sectors in Ireland, and today, I encourage you to start your journey of change by taking the first step.


My mission has always been crystal clear: to inspire leaders to rise above challenges, eliminate their excuses (we all use them), embrace change, and embark on a journey of continuous growth. Over the years, I’ve witnessed many examples of transformation, where individuals have turned challenges into process goals and self-imposed limitations into opportunities.

Your Journey

So are you ready to take your leadership journey to the next level, eliminate the excuses that have so often held you back, and make a move to consistency and commitment? Whether you’re a seasoned executive or an aspiring entrepreneur, I offer a supportive coaching system designed to nurture your leadership skills, build resilience, and share with you your journey of transformation.


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Working with me you'll.....

Unlock Your Full Leadership Potential: As a coach, I am dedicated to helping you discover your full leadership potential. Using proven methodologies and a personalised approach ensures that you rise to new levels of achievement.

Navigate Change with Confidence: Change is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. I will empower you with the tools and mindset needed to embrace change confidently, and to transform challenges into opportunities.

Accelerate Your Growth: My client base is built on the principles of building trust and professional relationships. Through workshops, coaching, and resources, I’ll progress your personal and professional development forward at a steady pace.

Build Resilience and Tenacity: Resilience is the backbone of success. With guidance, you’ll develop the mental fortitude to overcome obstacles, adapt to challenges, and emerge stronger than ever.

Shape Your Future: By embracing the philosophy of No Excuses, you’ll shape a future filled with success, fulfillment, and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve tapped into your full potential. You set your own boundaries.

Why not start your own journey that will redefine your understanding of leadership, change, and personal growth. Take the first step today and arrange a telephone call with me and you can share some of your challenges in a confidential setting.

Remember every journey begins with that first step!

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How will you change?

Depending on your particular challenges, you will experience many benefits. These include growth, motivation, achievement, responsibility, focus, commitment, confidence, a changed attitude, more goals achievement and the development of the slight edge.

As a result of us working together, you will feel more confident, supported, challenged and filled with greater self-belief.

One of my clients put it succinctly –

“Martin has worked with both myself and a number of my peers to enhance leadership skills within our organisation over a number of years. It’s very easy to throw around buzzwords like “communication”, “productivity”, “empowerment” but Martin really gives these meaning through highly interactive and interesting coaching sessions. His training has been by far and away the most valuable I’ve come across in my 20 years of Pharma Industry experience.”

Brian Power, Senior R&D Manager, TEVA


So rather than thinking about it, why don’t you take a positive action and give me a call or send me an email to set up an exploratory meeting? 

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You are in good company

Results Speak for Themselves

  • "He gets results. It’s that simple. For me it’s not complicated......we need to invest more in ourselves and our growth so don’t ask why would you work with Martin.....the better question is - why wouldn’t you? "

    Brendan Nugent, Head of Partner Operations, Facebook

  • "Martin had coached me a number of years ago and I reconnected with him with the task of coaching a team of 10 managers in leadership development training. The results were excellent across the group and his relationship with some of the group has continued through some further one-to-one coaching where required. I would be glad to recommend him as a personal or leadership coach. He’ll take you out of your comfort zone and help develop you to your full potential"

    J. Breen, Plant Manager, Ribworld

  • "Martin has worked with both myself and a number of my peers to enhance leadership skills within our organisation over a number of years. It’s very easy to throw around buzzwords like “communication”, “productivity”, “empowerment” but Martin really gives these meaning through highly interactive and interesting coaching sessions. His training has been by far and away the most valuable I’ve come across in my 20 years of Pharma Industry experience"

    BP, Senior R&D Manager, TEVA

  • "I met Martin when my company decided to introduce leadership training to improve the overall productivity. I have to say that his passion and leadership skills impressed me along the course and I was able to put in place most of his suggestions enabling my team to achieve more goals with more efficiency. Martin is a fantastic coach, willing to support anyone with patience and well thought out advice. I really hope we can work together again in the future"

    G. D’A, Sales Director, Salesforce

  • "Ten of our managers completed a Leadership Development programme which was delivered by Martin Byrne. The programme was delivered through a series of weekly workshops over a three-month period. In short, the programme was the best development programme we have run in terms of return on investment and people development "

    M O’Leary, Director of Human Resources, Tirlán

  • "You have challenged me to change my perspective. I am now more focused on the important goals and the small stuff is sweating itself. A simple adjustment has made such a difference."

    SD, CIB Manager

  • "I’ve worked with Martin for nearly 20 years and have come to know the depths of his skillset and mindset in this time. With a mindset that is empathetic, caring and positive - combine experience and the skills of insightfulness and the ability to ask really great questions - you have a person who will add measurable impact in his work with you. Don’t hesitate to work with Martin - what makes him different makes all the difference!"

    Bob McCarthy, Integrity Solutions, Australia

  • "I have known Martin Byrne for over ten years now! I have recommended his leadership and coaching services to many of our clients over the years. In all cases, I have been impressed to see my clients’ productivity soar! I cannot recommend Martin highly enough for any organisation whose executives need time to reflect on their work practices and ways to improve their performance."

    Mary Cullen, MD, Insight HR

  • "Martin had the ability to simplify problems and issues, so people could focus on ‘High Payoff Activities’ to deliver their best outcomes. Martin’s style made it easy to be coached, making everything practical and implementable. I personally still practice the learnings I gained and highly recommend that you take time to explore how Martin can have a positive impact on you, people you work with, and your overall business."

    Colm Furlong, Head of Asset & Invoice Finance, PTSB

  • "Martin has coached me over the past few years and has challenged me to focus on what's important and to set goals within my control. His insights and experience of knowing when to ask the tough questions has certainly enabled me to make decisive decisions with impact and confidence. "

    M. Butler - HR Director

  • "I worked with Martin on a coaching program which he developed for me. The program gave me the support and tools I required at a period in my professional and personal life of great change. Martin has a wealth of experience which meant that he was able to assist me by asking me the questions I needed to consider and gave me the tools to develop plans to overcome the challenges I faced. This program gave me time to invest in myself which all too often we forget to do. "

    K. McCluley, Supply Chain Director