Performance & Productivity Coaching

All change begins with self-awareness

Performance and Productivity through Goals Achievement

High performance and high productivity never just happen. Both are the results of conscious, deliberate goal setting followed by careful planning and the self-discipline required to turn those goals into reality.

Performance and productivity coaching will help you reach your full potential by understanding your current performance, identifying the gaps to where you want to be, and helping you develop a plan of action to fill those gaps.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • The “busy fool” who works 60 plus hours per week and leads a team unsure of their goals.
  • The person busy working on the wrong tasks who never plans their day.
  • The reactionary who responds to every email or text message while the important stuff builds up.
  • The employees who are never challenged or empowered with responsibility.
  • The team who never hear from their managers because they are too busy.
  • The project manager who fails to deliver on time and within budget.

Even if none of these people are exactly like you, we have all experienced similar issues in the workplace at one time or another. For some, working from home has now compounded their productivity challenges. Often people are unaware of their shortcomings. They have simply developed some bad habits.

Awareness precedes change

Working with me on performance and productivity, we will start to explore the self-awareness piece. All change begins with self-awareness. We will look at you and how you work. Once we agree where you are and discuss the options open to you, together we’ll develop a plan of action that will help you achieve clarity.

Within weeks, you’ll plan and prioritise better leaving you more time for yourself. You’ll focus on the High Payoff Activities that deliver results. You’ll communicate more effectively leading to less confusion. You’ll empower and develop your team leading to growth and better results for you and your team.

You will have more confidence and greater control…

The benefits that will flow to you from these changes include…

  • more throughput,
  • higher performance and productivity,
  • a motivated team who have clarity around their goals,
  • an employee(s) working fewer hours with more time to invest in themselves wherever they choose,
  • more confidence and greater control about your working time and space.

If you’d like to improve your performance or productivity and achieve more clarity about your goals, why not make contact and we can discuss your challenges?