Team Coaching

I will help your team to uncover its dysfunctions

Do you get what you tolerate from your team and wonder why they aren’t performing?

  • Does your team have clearly defined compelling goals which are aligned with the organisation strategy?
  • Is there sufficient trust among all your team members to allow them to be vulnerable with each other?
  • How committed and accountable is each team member to the team goals?
  • Do you get what you tolerate from your team?
  • Are there any team players more focused on their own status or ego, to the detriment of the team?
  • How effective is the communications between you and your team members?
  • Do they support each other or compete with each other?
  • Has success with your team’s results lead to complacency?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should reflect on your own team’s status.

These are just some of the challenges I’ve encountered while working with teams. Team coaching is a process. It is dynamic.

While a team’s development stage has a start date, unless the team dissolves, it must either continue to evolve or it will slowly die. That is the stark choice with teams. They either adapt or they die.

Teams need to be constantly refined, continuously improved and relentlessly updated. It’s members need to be continually challenged, motivated, trusted and empowered to deliver.

We’ll coach your team holistically and identify some of the challenges blocking it’s potential

I’ve worked coaching teams across a number of sectors over the past number of years. While the sectors may vary, the underlying performance issues often repeat themselves.

Once we identify your team’s challenges, we will develop a plan of action to address their specific issues. This will be reviewed and revised as your empowered team takes ownership of the issues and adapts the plan to address it’s development.

This process takes time, commitment, careful planning, stakeholder buy-in, self-discipline and no excuses!

However, the longer you tolerate the status quo, the more embedded it becomes and the harder it is to change.

So if your team is struggling to reach its potential and you would like to discuss how team coaching could help, please contact me and we can set up a discovery meeting.