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The Process….

The coaching process is highly individual and based around your specific challenges and goals. It usually starts with a discovery call when I initially link in with you and you get the opportunity to discuss your particular challenge(s). If the chemistry is right, you have the option to set up a coaching plan with me that will address your challenges. The choice is yours.

I usually work with clients over a time frame of 3 to 6 months, sometimes longer depending on the issues and challenges. Each session lasts circa 2 hours and there are usually 4 to 6 sessions. Sessions are spaced to afford you enough time to progress your goals (approximately two per month). Check-in phone calls midway between meetings are also scheduled.

Coaching sessions are arranged to suit your time zone using a number of remote platforms  (Zoom, Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp) whether you’re based in New York, Shanghai or Madrid.

Face to face sessions are usually held in our offices at Richview, Castlecomer Road,  Kilkenny, Ireland. Alternatively we can arrange a mutually suitable venue.

A Personal Plan of Action….

A coaching plan of action combines goals with operational rigour. Potential obstacles and possible solutions are considered. Once we exhaust the options and choose a strategy, a timeline is then created for expected outcomes. This process requires commitment, self-discipline, focus and no excuses!

The process continues between sessions. I am on hand should any issues arise during your working day. A review of progress is built into each session. Needless to say, 100% confidentiality is assured throughout the entire process.

So if you’re facing any challenge(s) that you would like to discuss, why don’t you contact me and we can have set up a free discovery meeting.

This will afford you the opportunity to share your issues, discuss our process and you can decide if it’s for you.

The Coaching Bank…

The Coaching Bank is a practice I’ve been using with some of my clients for a number of years. Unfortunately for some companies, many of their managers have not been trained as coaches. They are often caught up in operational issues which have prevented this development. Accordingly, it is more cost effective to outsource this coaching to a qualified and experienced coach acting on behalf of the company. Managers can focus on managing the business while I take care of the issues which may be holding an individual back.

If you are an organisation and would be interested in purchasing a “bank” of coaching hours please click on the link for further details


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You will experience many benefits including growth, momentum, motivation, positivity, achievement, responsibility, passion, focus, commitment, confidence, a new mojo and changed attitude. I will do my best throughout the journey to make you feel valued, confident, safe, supported and filled with self-belief.

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