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Unlocking your full potential: 6 actions to develop your Emotional Intelligence

“I ain’t lookin’ for praise or pity,I ain’t comin’ ’round searchin’ for a crutch,I just want someone to talk to,And a little of that human touch,Just a little of that human touch.”      Human Touch, Bruce Springsteen, 1992 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is often considered the secret ingredient for success both in personal and professional […]

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The leader communicates with the team and gives instructions

5 ideas to boost your Resilience

Why build your resilience skills… Prior to the arrival of the pandemic, the subject of stress in the workplace and building resilience skills to address it, were regular issues discussed in coaching meetings with clients. Globally, people now work in constantly connected, always-on, highly demanding work cultures where stress and the risk of burnout are […]

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