Posted: Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

Development Goals…

I recently worked with a client, who shared with me the fact that he’d missed a senior promotional opportunity. In spite of being highly qualified and experienced, when asked at the interview what he’d done in the past two years to develop himself, he struggled. He spoke about consolidating and building on his current skillset. However, he was unable to identify any specific development steps he’d taken in the past two years. It proved a game changing moment at the interview.

Avoid the complacency trap

At our coaching session, he shared with me that he felt he’d actually become complacent and felt he’d “walk into the senior role because of his qualifications”. While it was three years since obtaining those qualifications, he’d done very little to underpin them except use them every day in work. He assumed he was safe.

Leaders prepare themselves for opportunities

Leaders read everyday. They get prepared for the opportunities they know will present. They lodge this knowledge in a deposit account which they can draw on at any time. It could be another language, a new IT skill, a new technical skill, improving some aspect of your EQ skillset or taking that MBA programme that’s been on your mind for the past two years. Whatever it is, the time to address it is now!

Set your own development goals

Autumn is almost upon us. Colleges are reopening. The new academic season kicks off again. Globally, there are numerous opportunities for all of us to develop ourselves and prepare ourselves for those opportunities. It’s a great time to consider setting a development goal for yourself.

My client has made a commitment to develop his skillset over the coming year and will be ready next time opportunities present. He won’t assume he’s safe. He’ll be prepared. He’ll be ready. He’s learned a lesson.

What will you do?