Posted: Monday, January 9th, 2023

As we set out on the journey of 2023 many of use will be setting some goals for the year ahead. For most, this annual ritual of setting goals will have ended by mid-January. Without the instant overnight success that many now expect, people will revert to old embedded habits and go back to doing what they’ve always done.

Change takes time. It’s a process that often requires dropping one habit and replacing it with another. It can be flossing your teeth, drinking more water, giving more regular feedback, saying well done, avoiding the elevator, desisting the phone when talking to people, reading a chapter a day…….

No matter how strategic or how small your change is, it all begins and ends with you and your daily actions. Unless you take some actions that move you towards your goal, you’ll never arrive at your destination. You can have all the desire in the world to achieve any goal, however unless that desire is matched with actions, most goals will remain elusive.

So, as you set out on the journey of 2023, choose just one bad habit that you’ll ditch. Then replace it with a new action you’ll take to embed a new more productive habit. Practice this new habit every day for 30 days. One simple step. One lasting change.

One Goal

One new habit

One priority

One trigger

1% of your daily time (15 mins)

One move

…and do it for one month!