Posted: Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

Goal setting….

Goal setting is the most powerful process available to improve your performance or that of your team. It establishes a relationship between where you are and where you want to take yourself. It gives you direction, focus, clarity, motivation, a means of measuring progress and stimulation and a visualisation stimulus.

Done properly, it helps you anticipate obstacles and with some creativity helps you resolve these obstacles before they materialise.

Dream goals……becoming goals……process goals…

Crystallising your goals into SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound) – written goals takes time. However, the time invested with clients analysing what their real goals are, is time well invested. Discovering the real challenges behind a person’s lack of progress with certain goals often uncovers some intangible goals requiring internal behavioural changes which are first required in order to achieve their more tangible goals. These behaviour patterns – the internal changes necessary to reach your long-range goals are your intangible goals. They are goals of “becoming” – of developing personality characteristics you do not already have or need to strengthen.

Developing the holistic you through goal setting…

Developing the whole integrated person is critical to the development of any person or leader. Consider the accountant who, after time, becomes the MD of a large plc. Their skillset around communications, motivation, knowledge of world affairs all need to be developed as their career progresses. More importantly, if they are not physically fit then they are not fit to lead. So what goals do they set for their health and physical fitness? What goals do they set to develop their emotional intelligence and their “soft” skillset?

At, we help you develop holistically and develop all aspects of your leadership toolkit. This includes your health, building relationships, finances, personal development, family, your career and the social and cultural parts of your life.

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